Pope Sheds Light on Discrimination

Just recently the new Pope once again made headlines on his flight from Brazil. The issue of homosexuality and the position of gay members of our society in the Catholic Church was the topic of conversation. While I am not Catholic, I am intrigued by the Pope. Tolerance of one another is key to lasting unity. While in the past the Catholic Church and those who reside in it have been a huge target for all of us, the more important attack was on the damaging effects of religion itself. I am not a religious man, I am spiritual. I look up to all spiritual leaders and feel there is a loving message to be received. Usually the filter of the one spreading that message is clogged with their own darkness, and this tends to down play and disgrace the position or institution it was coming from. The gay community needs the support of the Catholic Church whether they believe it or not. There fight is not against them but rather it is with them. We need leaders like the new Pope to support what is right instead of what is popular. The civil rights movement we are watching now will go down in history as one of the most import conquests of our time just as it was for women and black desegregation. Today I choose to be on the right side of history and support those who want nothing more than to be accepted for who they are not what they are perceived to be. See article below.

CNN Article



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