Gov. Chris Christie outlaws gay conversion therapy for minors.

christie While I am the furthest thing from a Republican, I have become even more impressed with Gov.Christie of New Jersey.  It all started with his efforts during Super Storm Sandy and his unwavering sense of doing what is right regardless of political pressure from inside of his own party.  Christie is a known Catholic and a potential front runner for a presidential bid for 2016.  Despite the beliefs of his church and pressure from the Republican party, the governor signed into law the outlawing of gay conversion therapy for minors.  His personal belief are that we are born into our sexual orientation and that does not constitute a sin or psychological therapy that has been proven to be very damaging to the patient.

The greater message hear however, is that somewhere inside us all we know the difference between right and wrong and acting on our beliefs rather than the feelings or agenda of others is what is needed for us to grow in understanding and effectiveness.  At the end of the day, all any of us are looking for is to be happy.  Supporting those who support the civil liberties of others is not just important for that group, it is important for us all.  The message that is being sent is that we all are one and can live happily together if we stand united.  One day the mass will stand as one and we won’t tolerate the separation and prejudice of others.


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