We lost another innocent child due to mindless destruction.

Like many others, I woke up this morning to see a news report that we lost another child to bullying.  In Polk County, Fl, Rebecca Ann Sedwick, rebecca12 took her own life as a result of the constant attack from others her age.  The torture once again moved from the school to cyber attacks where she was told she was “worthless” and “should die”.  It is hard to argue at this point that our culture hasn’t shifted to that of violence and self destruction.

How many of our children are being driven down this dark road as I type this?  How many think that their best option at this point is to take their own life?  This has become an epidemic that is growing in speed and momentum and desperately seeks for a change of direction and people to positively influence our youth to show them a better way.  My heart goes out to all the families and the children who have lost their innocence and faith in the world.  We need to be mindful of the culture we are creating because soon we will be consumed with intolerance and hate.

This is where Rebecca fate brought her, to an abandoned concrete plant, where she climbed these stairs, each one thinking how this was the better choice.  Each step an opportunity to change her mind and each step a dark and eery decision that what she was doing was best.  How many more steps will you take before you decide to step in and save the most precious gifts we can be given and the future for a loving and peaceful planet?






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