Rehtaeh Parsons





I read about this story when it first came out.  Rehtaeh Parsons had been sexually assaulted and then bullied about the experience online.  The boys who gang raped her started to share the pictures by phone and online.  Not only is the experience she went through horrendous enough but to then be ridiculed by her piers shows a lot about where we are as a society and just how our children are being raised.  Now I was not a perfect child by any means, I was made fun of and I made fun of others, but the truth is I was really never taught any better.  I was never told to stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves.  What I did hear second hand quite often is “kids will be kids” and “what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger”. The problem with that is kids are killing themselves and it isn’t making them stronger.  Our society has become one where school shootings are common, young boys are raping young girls, kids are being bullied until they commit suicide and there is very little tolerance for children struggling with their sexual identity.  So often we here our children are our most valuable resource, but look whats happening to our most valuable resource.


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