I have been following the anti-bullying movement for a few years now.  The torture and the abuse these kids take now is so much different from how things were when I was growing up.  The social media aspect alone magnifies and amplifies the torment and torture these kids have to endure.  I recently read about Carolina Picchio who took her own life as a result of the torment she was receiving.  Her ex boyfriend and piers sent over 2600 messages finally bringing her to her breaking point.  One of her last messages asked “have you hurt me enough”.  We live in a very violent society where we teach our children to meet our problems with aggression.  The old timers always seem to respond to bullying with the archaic message of you just need to stand up for yourself.  Standing up for yourself can be tough when you are looking at a sea of malicious individuals who want nothing more than to see you hurt.  We praise the child who finally stands up to the bully not realizing we have just witnessed the loss of innocence in one of our children.

The real problem is us, the leaders in our homes, the voice of our communities and the teachers of our children.  This problem is killing our most valuable resource and setting up our future for failure.  If you haven’t already please watch the documentary Bully also check out Stand For The Silent on FaceBook.


Carolina Picchio


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