Mindful Eating

     Mindful eating isn’t about the animal products we acquire or the way this food is brought to us.  I started watching documentaries and reading different articles to inform myself.  What I learned was, instead of just buying food mindlessly start to think of what you are consuming.  I don’t know why, whether it was the way I was programmed growing up in a culture where food is in such abundance or it was in the blind faith of trusting that what I am consuming is coming from a trusted source, but I never gave thought to what I was putting in my mouth.  In my opinion what we eat is not as important as why we are eating it.  I am not one of these people that thinks that because something is labeled bad that it is bad.  I believe that once I have enough information to make my decision I am still eating mindfully.  Often times though we are uninformed and lied to and consume food I normally wouldn’t.

    The second thing I learned was the impact this has on the environment.  If I switch to vegetarian and only eat vegetables  I will be saving all these animals and helping all these farmers and life is grand.  WRONG, another thing I learned is tomatoes don’t grow in the winter where I live.  Huh, tomatoes don’t grow in the winter, so where do they come from?  All over the place, and often times ripened with ethanol gas.  Eating seasonally is just as important.  All of this food has to be transported all over the country, often times coming from thousands of miles away.  Learn where your food is coming from and what season it grows naturally in your area.  Look to vacuum storing your vegetables.  Purchase them in peak season and they will be ready for you in the winter.

    Vegetables are big business, where there is a lot of money to be made someone is screwing some one over.  What the crashing economy has taught me is that we need to support the local business owner and not the large corporate cash cows.  This includes the farmers who work so hard to bring us our food.  GMO’s are genetically modified foods, normally farmed by the huge corporations that made them.  They are not only genetically modified which is scary enough, but controlled in a way that puts the farmers out of business or forces them to work for the man.



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