CrossfitI started Cross Fit Dynamo Ga when my baby Faith Marie was about 7 Months old and I have to say this was such a blessing for my body! This box has it all Amazing coaches, great facility, and wonderful massages by JOYE Massage!!!! No other fitness regime encompasses such a wide array of technical skills and drills laid out in ever changing combinations to promote total fitness.

Not only does your body change, but you cultivate mental toughness as well. I was in the US Army and I tell everyone that Cross Fit is the closest thing to the camaraderie I encountered while in the military. To be part of a team, a community, a brethren even, is such a gift!  A lot of women never get to experience being part of a “team” like this, and it is so empowering to encourage other women to reach their full potential. With each WOD (workout of the day) comes a victory which pours into your everyday life in the most positive way.

I became able to do things I never thought I could; handstand push ups, pull ups, rope climbs, toes to bar, Double unders! This is a program for anyone. Any age. Any fitness level.  I will be posting some of my fav WODs Enjoy!

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