Body Wellness

noelle 1Mindfulness is the energy that allows us to look deeply at our body, feelings, perceptions and consciousness and see clearly what are real needs are. Physical activity is so healthy, so necessary in reconnecting us to our-selves. If you take good care of yourself, you help everyone. You become a reservoir of joy and freshness. People who know how to take care of themselves live joyfully and happily. They are our strongest support. Everything they do, they do for everyone.

Begin by asking, How is my body in this moment? How was it in the past? How will it be in the future?

We look into our body to see whether it is at peace or suffering from illness. We look at the conditions of our lungs, our heart, our intestines, our kidneys, and our liver to see what the real needs of our body are. When we do, we will eat, drink, and act in ways that demonstrate our love and our compassion for our body. Usually we just follow ingrained habits, but when we look deeply, we see that many of these habits harm our bodies and mind, so we work to transform our habits into ways conducive to good health and vitality. We can use physical activity to practice touching the wondrous, refreshing, and healing elements that are already in us and in the world. Doing so, we become stronger and better able to love ourselves and others. Let’s begin today! xoxo NH


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