Earth Impact

Earth Impact, what does that mean?  Everything we do leaves a mark whether it be our footprints in the sand or our carbon footprints in the O-Zone.  We are the greatest species the Earth has ever known and with that comes with great responsibility.  As we continue to deplete the source of it’s resources we need to be mindful of what and how we consume.  Climate change has been a hot button issue over the last decade and whether you believe in Global Warming or not, the indisputable truth is that we have seen the most consistent severe weather in our history.  Our rain forests are being cut down at an alarming rate, our oceans are over fished and heavily polluted.  Our need for oil has caused war, pollution and ecological disasters.

Dinosaurs once ruled the earth and yet we are the greatest species the world has ever known.  We are highly intelligent, resourceful and most importantly we are tool builders.  Other animals carry one or more of these qualities but they have not made an impact anywhere near what we have made.  That is because we posses all three.  We need to use these gifts we have been given to continue to elevate our standards of living that are not only beneficial to us but to all other species on the planet.  After all we are greatest species the world has ever known, let’s start to act like it.



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