“20% to 25% should be the new standard of tipping.” Jeremy Howard

tipWe were just out to lunch today and it struck me that while cost of living has gone up dramatically over the last few years(gas prices, home energy costs, traveling etc.) food prices  have remained relatively flat.  What does this mean?  It means that while a waiter or waitress now has a higher cost of living they have a lower chance of increased wages through the tips they make.  The standard 15% just doesn’t cut it anymore.  If you have ordered a pizza and had it delivered to your house lately, you may have noticed that the company is now charging a delivery fee.  This is just to keep of with the added cost associated with delivering your food.  The normal service staff at your local restaurant doesn’t have this luxury.  If you have never waited on tables before you don’t understand the hours and effort that go in to delivering your meal.  Next time your out up the ante and make someone’s day.  What may only be a few dollars difference to you is a world of difference to the recipient.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



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