“Try to help others. Consult their weaknesses, relieve their maladies; strive to raise them up, and by so doing you will most effectually raise yourself up also.” Joseph Barber Lightfoot

  • Donate to Red Cross to help those in need.phillipines
  • Gather old clothes and shoes to send to the Philippines.
  • Pray for those in need.
  • Start a collection amongst your community to give to those in need.
  • Do Something.  Take Action.  One Person Makes a Difference.


A terrible storm has ripped through a small island leaving them stranded and without the basic necessities.  Families have been devastated by the terrible loss of loved ones as well as all of their belongings.  This is our season of giving and there are people in desperate need.  Tragedy often brings out the best in us and coming together in a world community is what is necessary.  Even the simplest of acts can mean so much to those without.


Gather up old clothing and other basic essentials and get a collection organized in your community.  Find out where you can send care packages to help those who lost everything.  Compassion, Love and Cooperation are our true nature and the expression of these are a gift to those who receive it.




Circumstances like this shouldn’t be the only catalyst for giving to those in need.  Find out where you can make an impact philipines 3locally as well.  Not much is needed to help change someone’s life but it has to start with willingness.



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