“Cynicism is humor in ill health.” H. G. Wells

• Catch yourself when being cynical and try to replace those thoughts with hope and love.
•Be wary of the contagious nature of cynicism.
•Make yourself part of the solution instead of part of the problem.
•Live a life based on attraction rather than promotion.
•Remember, at the end of the day we are all one and when one of us hurts we all hurt.

With the state of the country over the last few years I have found myself getting more and more cynical and critical of others actions and flaws. This intolerance has forced me into the a position of becoming part of the problem instead of the solution. It is a poison that fills our souls and separates us from our brothers and sisters. It fills our homes with contempt and stress and pulls us further and further from our true nature of happiness and peace. Continue to live your life in a way that others will benefit from and know that this is the greatest message you can give the world. All words of opposition create is more opposition but love and kindness though our actions can never be denied.



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