Optimism- Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

  • Develop a sense of humor. Cultivate the habit of laughing daily.
  • Occupy yourself with things that bring out the best in you i.e. family, children, friends, travelling, reading etc.
  • Focus on creating solutions. Improve yourself at the slightest opportunity you have.
  • Avoid clutter. Be organized not only with your things but also with your thoughts and your plans.
  • Reflect and focus on the good things that have occurred in your life. Walk tall with confidence and smile!

We can train our brains to become more alert to good information. When you notice a positive detail in yourself or someone else, or in your environment, try enjoying it for at least ten seconds. Most of these observations will be as simple as ‘the sun is shining’ or ‘this coffee tastes good,’ but do this a handful of times each day and you’ll feel an emotional shift. Do your part to help create an atmosphere in which people aren’t scared to speak up or make bold moves. Rather than rehash past missteps, spotlight successes and steer conversations toward finding solutions. Take a deep breath and lighten up 😉 Life does not have to be so serious, and neither do you!





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