“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” Muhammad Ali

  • The fun is in the journey not the destination.cliff2
  • Get outside the box you have created and reinvigorate that child inside of you.
  • Stop asking “What If” and just do.
  • The process matters more that the results.
  • What separates the exceptional from the ordinary is the willingness to take optional as well as necessary risks.

Most people we look up to, were the ones who took a chance, just common people doing uncommon things.  We are all visionaries in our own rights, it is the few who follow them through.  Most are afraid of taking chances for fear of losing some security.  Security doesn’t come from outside circumstances it comes from within.  When you believe in yourself and believe in your true nature your fear will fall and you will be free to achieve the greatest and grandest vision of yourself.  With each new experience we start to accumulate confidences and momentum to set forth and achieve dreams.  Change and growth are uncomfortable but you can use this feeling to know you are on to something extraordinary.



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