“As we know, forgiveness of oneself is the hardest of all the forgivenesses.” Joan Baez

  • Willingness to begin is the first step in forgiveness.  We have to be willing to forgive ourselves and others in order for the process to begin.
  • 911Stop judging yourself on other’s actions, don’t let mistakes of the past keep you from choosing differently today.  You aren’t the mistakes you made but rather the choices you will.
  • Hate and guilt are poison for the soul.
  • If we aren’t able to love ourselves fully it is equally as hard to love others fully.
  • Don’t sit in self pity, get up and make the decision to forgive yourself and others.

Forgiveness is as simple as a choice, the hardest choice most of us will ever make.  How can we forgive those who have caused harm on us or our family? How can we forgive ourselves for the things we have done?  One of the most important principles we can learn and pass on to our children is one of forgiveness, it allows us to stop living in the past and be present.  So much of our life has been lived in the past while what is in front of us just passes on by.  Make the decision to start living from this loving place and find your heart open and fill up with the peace and serenity you have been searching for all along.



   Never Forget, Always Forgive

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