“Teaching prejudice to a child is itself a form of bullying. You’ve got to be taught to hate.” Roger Ebert

  • Bullying has become a devastating global epidemic.bullied 3
  • More children are committing suicide as a result to bullying than ever before.
  • Teaching our children to be kind and to stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves is imperative.
  • Talk to children about what they see at school and what they hear.  Some of this can be overwhelming and difficult for them to process.
  • Show them through your own actions and your own stories how to be a leader.


Social media, smart phones and the internet have become vehicles for bullies to take advantage of others.  The time of only worrying about being bullied when they go to school is over.  These kids are being attacked at all hours of the day from multiple media sources where they gain large crowds that target and torture the victim.  Not all involved are bad but they are building the momentum of hatred and adding fuel to the fire.  Bullying can be fought on a few levels.  The individual can stand up for themselves, although this is becoming increasingly more difficult since mob bullying is more popular.  Another can stand beside the bully, often times they to are afraid of being targeted, this fear keeps them from standing up.  Not participating at all and gathering groups of people who won’t stand to see others tortured seems to be the best practice.  We need to teach our children to gather with like minded kids and we need to show them through our own actions how to be loving and kind.

These are all children we have lost as a result of bullying.


bullied 1  bullied 2


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