” I care not much for a man’s religion who’s dog and cat are not the better for it.” Abraham Lincoln

  • What we do to the animals on our planet is a direct reflection of how far we have come as a whole.cow
  • Stop the support of kill shelter’s.
  • Volunteer at a local Human Society.
  • Raise your children to respect and cherish animals.
  • If you are going to eat meat, make it organic.  Where does your food come from now?

Ask yourself the question, If I had to kill my own food would I?  If I could kill my own food would I torture it before doing so?  The way we treat animals has become more of a commodity than a means of finding nutritional sustenance.  We have gotten so detached from the animals that feelings for their treatment fall by the wayside.  Did you know on average a large poultry processing plant kills 1.2 million chickens per week.  The cruelty these animals endure far outweighs the nutritional necessity they provide us.  Animals suffer just as much as we do and true humanity wouldn’t impose such suffering on our worst enemies.

Below is a dog my wife has grown to love.  She lives at a local Human Society that she volunteers at.  Kaylee is such a sweet dog with a kind demeanor.  Just looking at her, and you know she is a sweet soul.



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