As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy

  • Be aware of what’s around and be grateful for what you do have rather than resentful for what you don’t.haylee
  • Show your gratitude and love for others that don’t have what you have.
  • Pay attention to children and act as they do.  They will teach you how to stop and smell the roses.
  • Don’t become so fixated on future plans and miss out on the present
  • Just remember to have some fun.

We had 2 very special experiences since yesterday.  First we met a man who grew up in Nigeria.  I was very interested in hearing about his culture.  He explained to me that growing up in Nigeria was quite different than here.  While in school during lunch breaks they would go work the farm for their lunch and have to return to school.  He was a very pleasant man who really understood the gifts we have here in the U.S.A, that most of the world never get to experience.  The second was this morning while on our morning walk with our daughter.  We met a little girl who is celebrating her second birthday today.  She is so sweet but in poor health, she had a tracheotomy and a breathing machine as well as some other physical ailments.  She was so cute and so friendly, she was half the size of our daughter who is 5 months younger than her.  We were grateful to meet her and very grateful for the health of our daughter.

Stay in the awareness and treasure the moments that open your heart.  These moments are far more meaningful than rigid plans and the other thoughts that consume our minds.  Remaining mindful and grateful is the easiest path to serenity.  Express your love and appreciation whenever possible and find yourself falling deeper and deeper into bliss.


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