“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu

  • Let yourself go and love fully without conditionsnoelleandi
  • Express love often
  • Don’t confuse lust for love
  • Allow yourself to be loved
  • Children are an expression of love, materialized

How we love is a great representation of our spiritual connection.  When we are fully connected to the source we love fully and openly without fear.  Often times we seek this love for the wrong reasons or we restrict our love for fear that it could be used against us.  Love is one of the few feelings that requires us to be absolutely vulnerable while at the same time giving us a power and peace within that is hard to find anywhere else. Open yourself up to love fully, not because of what you will or will not receive from another but because it is the only way.  Children are the greatest expression of love, they are brought here because of love, when entering the world all they know is love and they supply endless amounts of love.  It is us who teach children to do otherwise.  Love like a child and live in the abundance.

daddyreading                     noelleandfaith


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