“A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.” Yogi Berra

  • Don’t live beyond your meansdebt
  • Save 15% of your income at Minimum
  • Be mindful of what you purchase
  • Create a budget
  • Hold yourself accountable


There is no doubt in my mind that money is the greatest cause of stress and discord amongst most of us.  When we are concerned or fearful about money it makes it increasingly harder to be kinder to each other.  On average we live at 140% of our income, credit has become this machine that works against our peace and serenity.  While credit does afford us the opportunity to purchase homes and cars it also creates a false world of obtaining things we haven’t earned and can’t pay for.  Live humbly, find out what is important to you and when you have a little extra share with those that don’t.  There is nothing we can’t do if we plan and save for.  Find area’s in your budget to reduce waste and redistribute that money to debt.  Before long it will be paid of and the thought and worry will have disappeared.  You have to start somewhere why not start here.


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