“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Albert Einstein

  • Spend less time on social media and spend more time being socialunplug
  • Wait until after vacation to post those pictures
  • Pay attention to the time you are on your phone or computer while with loved ones
  • Pick a day where the family Unplug’s
  • Listen to significant other if time spent on line is upsetting them


While this may sound counterintuitive for us to share, unplug from social media, online gaming, text messaging, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.  Social media created an environment to stay connected with friends and loved ones and at the same time disconnected us from the friends and loved ones that are personally in touch with us.  We become mindlessly lost in a world of food pictures and trivial updates about our kids using a sponge for the first time that it creates a disconnection between us and the people that really matter.  I am not saying to completely unplug because then who would we write to.  What I am saying is be mindful of the time spent on these outlets and make some adjustments.

I love my wife and recently a little tension had been created between us over these simple things.  We talked about it and realized that both of us habitually fall into these mindless acts and spend great deals of time wasting away in an electronic wasteland.  While I love to see updates from my brother on our new nephew and she misses all of her family at home, we started to miss each other just sitting in our living room.  There is a National Unplug Day , join the movement and start making the shift to becoming an active member in your immediate environment.


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