“It’s a win-win situation. We help the charities and the environment at the same time.” Judson Kinnucan

  • Have a cleaning out your closet partykinnucan
  • Ask local hotels to save unused shampoos
  • Have charity can collections at work, donate proceeds
  • Don’t wait for food drives to donate food
  • Give away unused board games to shelters


We were having dinner with friends last night, and our friend brought to our attention a local charity that is  giving aid to homeless families.  While talking about this we got into a debate about whether or not their is a change occurring amongst our society.  Although all of his efforts are for the good of most and giving back where he can, he is skeptical that a positive change is going to reach the masses anytime soon.  I disagreed with him on the stance that we are already in the midst of this change.  I believe we are reaching a critical changing point in our consciousness but it requires us all to take some action.

This action doesn’t have to be global, this action needs to be local.  As we change the level of goodness on a local level it will spread globally.  The smallest actions of kindness are far more reaching than we could ever graph.  Unfortunately my friends criticism is inspired by our lack of initiative and willingness to change.  He may be right, it did take me 30 years to wake up.  But I did wake up and I do actively seek to put a positive footprint in the sand and genuinely want to see others succeed.  We are much stronger together than we could ever be on our own. Take inspiration from people like Judson Kinnucan in Chicago who collects unused item bins and distributes the contents all over the city.  “Put a dent in the universe” and  have a great day.


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