“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas Edison

  • Plant your own fruit tree
  • Have fresh herbs growing in the kitchen
  • Change some meals to organic
  • Learn about where your food comes from (Documentaries, Books, Local Farms)
  • Change out one of your common snack food for a healthier choice

You will be absolutely amazed how just making a few simple changes in your diet can help your overall health, mood, stamina and well being.  Often times we just eat mindlessly, without giving real thought to what we are eating.  Changing the habit is much more difficult than changing the food itself.  I love Little Debbie Brownies, I never found them to be all to healthy but that didn’t change the fact that I enjoyed the taste and mindlessly reached for them while watching T.V.  Since we have started down the path of mindful eating I have discovered it is much easier to substitute the food I was reaching for with something else rather than deprive myself all together.  I always loved Craisins, and while they still have a good bit of sugar, they are a much better snack than brownies.  Change is overwhelming, but doesn’t have to be.  Sometimes it is just a little tweak here and there.  Instead of candy put out bowls of pistachio nuts, find what you like, what is going to satisfy your craving, and make the substitution.

Not all vegetables are good for you, often times they are shipped in from great distances and during the travel they are ripened with ethanol gas. Organic vegetables or produce grown locally can help reduce the amount of hormones or chemicals you are ingesting.  If you see an eggplant that is bigger than a baby leg, good chance it has stuff you don’t want to eat inside of it.  Above all else you have to want better for yourself, because you deserve it.  Once you have that the rest will fall on your plate.  Check out the website below. Have a great day.

food sooth


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