“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” Proverb

  • Visit a retirement home – bring your kids by, plan to come over at activity timenursing home
  • Donate some time to the children’s hospital reading and playing with the kids
  • Give your old clothes to a shelter instead of throwing it away
  • Help elderly people with their yard work – stop by and rake leaves, or cut the grass
  • Be patient on the road with others no need to take slow driving so seriously

Take some time to think about someone else and how you may be able to make their day better.  You will be surprised how much better you feel when you aren’t thinking about yourself all the time.  My wife and I both miss the time we shared with our grandparents, not just because we miss them but we miss the stories they told and the wisdom they shared.  That wisdom is still out there and trust me they wish they had someone to talk to.

I was in the hospital with severe burns a few years ago, while in there I met a little girl who had been badly burned as well.  She had to where a full face mask without any eye holes.  I was depressed and angry.  Despite what she was going through she was laughing and playing.  My feelings changed and I received great strength from this little girl.  Children don’t know anything else but love and how to share it.

Jh Nh


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