“See the Glass half full- then fill it the rest of the way.” Anonymous

  • Leave a stuffed animal for a child in a hospital.
  • Plant a tree to commemorate someone coming out of a long illness.
  • Run a race to help fund research for a fatal disease.
  • Volunteer at a hospice for the terminally ill.
  • Tag a cancer patient with a book about a heroic recovery.

Recovery, however we define it, is not something we can do alone. Expressing kindness to those who are healing has tremendous ability to transform illness into complete recovery. They need to know that they still have value and dreams to work towards. They need people to love them, not for the person they were, but who they may become. Just because someone may not be able to communicate after a traumatic event does not mean that they cannot feel the energy we bring into the room. Help them celebrate every success along the way, no matter how small. Let us treat every being  we encounter with the dignity and respect we would want in their situation.



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