“You’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going ’cause you might not get there” Yogi Berra

  • Don’t put off to tomorrow that which you can do today
  • Dream big dreams and know that you can achieve them
  • Encourage someone else’s journey and help them achieve greatness
  • Stay open and flexible, you never know what will help you achieve your dreams
  • Awareness is key, pay attention to the signs.  They will come to you.  Acknowledge them and take action


Last night we were watching Extreme Weight Loss.  On there was a girl Chantel who was morbidly obese.  During her journey on the show she decided to go back to school and finish her degree.  Everyone around her wasn’t so supportive but she made it very clear that this year was all about her, she wouldn’t be derailed by family emergencies and she was not going to miss out on this journey.  During the course of the show she decided to go back to school, she ran a marathon in the streets of Paris and she lost over 50% of her total body weight.  Circumstances are not the reason you aren’t where you want to be, you are the reason.  Dream big dreams, set out to achieve them, stay diligent and protect those dreams because others will want to bring you down, and most importantly finish what you started.  Have a great day.


Jh and Nh


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