“The use of your money reveals more about your character than anything else” Edwin Louis Cole

  • Send someone a surprise gift just because
  • Pay the next car’s toll at the toll booth
  • Pay for someone else’s meal without them knowing
  • Donate to local charity (clothes, books, food)


The more you give the more you get, the more your hoard the more you’ll regret.  We all go through financial ups and downs and more often than not it is our own financial fears and insecurities that keep us from helping out.  I find that most people are charitable and wish they could give more.  It isn’t the lack of desire, it is the fear that one day we won’t have enough for ourselves.  When we give we get, and the more we can align our principles with whats important we start to move into the abundance that life has to offer.  Do I NEED that Starbucks coffee everyday?  On average a cup of coffee is $3.50, multiply that by 5 (work days) and then multiple that by 4 (weeks in a month) and you get $70.00.  That’s a lot of money, do you think you could pick up someone’s meal, surprise someone with a gift?  Making small sacrifices of that which is unnecessary, to do something that will turn someones day around is worth so much more than a cup of coffee.


Jh and Nh


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